Incrediworld VBS
June 22-26 2020

     The mouth-watering smell of cotton candy. The electrifying sound of thrill rides. The mesmerizing sight of animal shows. Adventure at every turn. It’s excitement galore at IncrediWorld Amazement Park, where kids take a thrill ride through God’s creation. Kids will come face-to-face with God’s incredible world of wonders as they go wild learning that . . .

  • we always start with the Bible because it is always true!

  • God created everything in just six literal days!

  • dinosaurs lived at the same time as man!

  • science supports the Bible’s claims!

  • God is the Creator who masterfully designed every animal!

     We will be hosting a virtual VBS called IncrediWorld Amazement Park!

You will receive boxes for each day that contain snacks, crafts, directions for the activities, and links to online videos to experience each day at your own pace in your home or wherever you are able to access the content.

     Please Register your kids ages 4-13 by filling out this Google Form.

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